Pisa Range Estate


Pisa Range Estate proudly produces authentic wines of distinction. Established in 1995 and located at Pisa (10km north of Cromwell, (Central Otago) it has proved to be one of the best sites in the Cromwell Basin for premium grape production. The combination of high growing degree days, cool nights, and Waenga loam soils. consistently produces award winning wines.

'Minimal intervention' on this Pisa land is the guiding principal that shapes their wines. Viticulture practices strive for quality ensuring the very best fruit is brought into the winery. These include close vine spacing, careful clonal selection, low crop yields (around 4-5 tonne per hectare) plus hand-harvesting. A natural sward has been kept between the vine rows , which supports biodiversity. Bio dynamic preparations are also applied each season to promotevine health and to keep the vines in balance.The aim is for their wines to express their ‘sense of place’. The ‘Black Poplar Block’ Pinot Noir – rated as a New Zealand ‘Classic’ – is their signature wine crafted from the oldest vines, while the 'Run 245' Pinot Noir is produced from their younger vines and also strongly making its mark